Increase your yield potential with our proven seed solutions

Are you limiting your yield potential?

Seed is where profitable farming begins. When was the last time your seed dealer asked to see your soil samples before he or she made a recommendation? Thinking only about the hot new hybrid will not boost your yields. You are limiting your yield potential if you aren’t looking at all the pieces of the agronomic puzzle, from pH to fertility to drainage when making your seed investment.

Your MaxYield Seed team will help you take a comprehensive approach to choosing the right seed by applying proven agronomic knowledge to increase your bushels per acre.

Over 95 years of local expertise makes the difference!

Most seed companies use national data to make seed recommendations. We have actual performance data from over 1 million acres with soil types just like the area you farm. While the seed industry revolved around traits in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, genetics is the new frontier. Our local expertise helps us compare genetics and show which one has higher yield potential. Our team experiences your type of ground in a lot of different situations across our service area. This knowledge can help you select the right genetics to maximize your yields.

The right seed starts with the right seed partners

More bushels per acre start with the right genetics and the right traits. We’ve learned no one company has the one right seed for every acre. No seed company offers a total solution. That’s why MaxYield Seed has partnered with three industry leading seed companies to provide the right start for your individual acres.

DeKalb® Asgrow®

  • A proven track record for bringing the right corn genetics and traits to the market
  • The latest technology to move new hybrids into the pipeline faster than other companies
  • Timely access to the highest-yielding genetics
  • 100% focused on agriculture—investing millions of dollars each year in research and development

Croplan Genetics®

  • Offers more refined choices through their own breeding program and the ability to source germplasm from multiple companies
  • Geography-specific hybrids to promote higher yields
  • Excels at regional testing and a total package focus

Latham® Hi-Tech Seeds

  • Iowa-based company with a breeding program for local soils
  • Gives growers more choices with soybeans that yield well in high-pH soils
  • Corn hybrids that use technology from multiple leading sources including Monsanto®, Dow® and Green-Leaf Genetics LLC

Find out more how our local expertise can help you grow more bushels per acre. Contact your MaxYield Seed team member today.