MaxYield Alerts


  • You will receive an email to your Inbox. Please click the link in the email to verify account.
  • This may open a window directly to your alerts page. If not go back to the site and click on “Return to My Alerts”

Email Alerts

  • On the My Alerts Page you will see the scheduled alerts.
  • Check the box next to the alerts you wish to receive and save.

Text Alerts

  • Click on “Update my text message information”
  • Fill in your phone number (10 digit number only)
  • Select your SMS Provider (Carrier)
  • Fill out other information if wanted
  • Update Account
  • When you save click on Update Account it will show you have been updated.
  • Click on “Return to My Alerts” and you will see all of the scheduled alerts to choose.
  • Check and Save