Boost your yields by 10 to 20 bushels per acre.

Plant health is the science that’s increasing corn yields.Maximum Yield Potential

The high-tech genetics in your next bag of seed could produce 300 bushels per acre or more, but it won’t happen automatically. Bin-busting yields come from applying the latest science in plant health to your production practices. The Maximum Yield Potential(TM) (MYP), a system being developed by MaxYield Cooperative, is the newest plant health innovation that has the potential to boost your yields by 10 to 20 bushels per acre.

 Sunlight Enhanced—the secret to increased yields

Higher yields start with understanding the fundamentals of plant growth and development. Corn leaves serve as biological “solar panels” that collect sunlight and convert it into energy that plants require for growth. The key component of the MYP system is keeping those corn leaves clean and intact to allow for more sunlight collection and conversion.

Three core technologies maximize plant health

The MYP involves three crop production technologies designed to keep the corn plants’ “solar panels” functioning as efficiently as possible to maximize plant health and produce yield improvements. These three technologies include:

  1. Nitrogen stabilization. Iowa farmers are planting more than 10,000 plants per acre more today than in 1980. Consequently, the corn plants have to compete harder for more energy. Higher yields require more energy, which means a farmer needs more biomass to maximize the plants’ “solar panels.” Crop nutrients like nitrogen help increase the length and width of the corn leaves. Products like N-Serve® and Instinct® are important nitrogen stabilizers. Research proves that nitrogen will stay put on fields, even despite heavy rainfall, where N-Serve and Instinct are used.
  2. Fungicide application. Next, it’s important to keep corn leaves free from disease. This keeps the corn plants’ “solar panels” clean to maximize sunlight exposure, which generates more energy.
  3. Insecticide application. Aphids have become increasingly problematic in corn. When these sucking pests latch onto a corn plant, they remove water and protein as they feed on the crop. Aphids then excrete waste that functions like a sunblock on the plants’ leaves. Insect control is critical to maximize sunlight exposure for increased yield potential.

The principles of the MYP are absolutely what are needed to take the next steps up the yield ladder.
Dr. Fred Below, professor of plant physiology at University of Illinois

Proven results

Our research showed an increase of 17 bushels per acre when we used nitrogen stabilizer, fungicide and insecticide to keep the leaf surface healthy longer.

We’re always looking for ways we can get more production and improve our bottom line. You could tell we were gaining yield in the areas where we used the nitrogen stabilizer, fungicides, and insecticides. Plant health is a big benefit with the MYP. Working with MaxYield takes a lot of the stress out of crop production.
Jeff Stillman, participant in the MYP System – Emmetsburg, IA


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