Take the guesswork out precision farming with SciMax Solutions

SciMax SolutionsAdvances in science and technology are core fundamentals of precision farming. The problem has been making sense out of the reams of data generated by the new tools. Our Intensive Management Strategy makes the data work for you.

Increased yields start with SciMax Solutions®

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sure we have advancements in technology, but successful farming still comes down to the core ingredients—soil, planting, and nutrients. Here’s an overview of our solutions strategy for these vital elements:


Grid Soil Sampling – determines an action plan for better fertilizer placement and utilization

Variable Rate Planting – creates population prescriptions based on soil type, past yield history, seed hybrid/variety selection, tillage, and more

Foliar – Reveals how to manage critical micronutrients as the higher yielding crops you raise demand more at various times

Nitrogen Management – placing the right amount, on the right acre, at the right time


Your SciMax Advisor is ready to help take out the guesswork, makes sense of your data, and create a SPN Strategy that will take your farming business to the next level. Contact us today and get started on maximizing your yields.