Every field is a profit center—every field is unique

That’s why we consider over 400 attributes to determine the right seed and agronomy solution for your field.

More bushels per acre start with the right seed genetics but it takes a total agronomic solutions package to maximize the yield potential of that seed. Yes, we consider over 400 attributes to determine the right seed and nutrient solutions. Our team approach applies the latest information from science and research to create prescriptive recommendations specific to your field.

Higher yields with less input costs require the right nutrients and crop protection

Just applying crop nutrients the same way as you’ve always done and expecting different results won’t work in today’s advanced production environment. We offer comprehensive nutrient, weed and disease control solutions based on our experience with over 1 million acres of soil types just like yours.

Nationally recognized companies trust MaxYield Seed’s research and managed acres expertise, and have partnered with us to develop advanced agronomy solutions. Our team will work with you on the right seed recommendation followed by the right nutrient and crop protection plan for optimum plant health and yields.

Take the complexity out of your agronomy decisions

The rapidly changing advancements in agronomic science and technology makes farming seem highly complex. With leading-edge agronomic services, personalized service and the latest resources. MaxYield Seed helps take the complexity out of agronomy decisions.

Contact your MaxYield Seed team member today to learn more about the high yield results our producers are achieving and to get started maximizing the profits from your field.